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Formally originating in 1982, Amos-Hill Associates Inc. can date its ancestry back to the early 1900s. Amos Lumber and Hill Brothers Veneer Company were both formed as independent companies in the early part of the last century. In 1975, the two companies were purchased by Hammermill Paper Company to form Amos-Hill Veneer and Lumber Company. In 1981, Hammermill decided to close the operations and shut down both plants.


Prior to the closing, an arrangement was made by several local employees of Hammermill to purchase the equipment and the finished goods inventory. This group of entrepreneurs were the founders of what is known today as Amos-Hill Associates, Inc.  The new Company opened operations in October 1982 with thirteen employees. Twenty-seven years later the Company is still flourishing and has grown to an employment level of 155 people.


Today, Amos-Hill is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koppensteiner Veneer. Led by Susanne Renner, Koppensteiner Veneer assisted Amos-Hill's growth into the export markets and assists us with our world wide marketing program. Currently 70% of our production is exported outside the US.